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Kreative Köpfe verdienen ein kreatives Design. Steigert eure Produktivität mit den Features des CREATION-Motherboards wie dem 2x Lightning Gen4 M.2 mit Shield Frozr, Frozr-Kühlkörper und der erweiterten Heatpipe, 10G Super LAN + WLAN 6, Core Boost und Audio Boost 4 * Supports 2nd and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen / Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics and 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen with Radeon Graphics Desktop Processors for AM4 socket * Supports 4 DIMMs, Dual Channel Memory DDR4, up to 4600+(OC) MHz * Dual LAN with 10G Super LAN and WI-FI 6: Next level network speed, secure networking with fastest data throughput to improve efficiency. * Lightning Gen 4 Solution: The latest Gen4 PCI-E and M.2 solution with up to 64GB/s bandwidth for maximum transfer speed and performance * Frozr Heatsink Design : Designed with the patented fan and double ball bearings to provide best performance for enthusiast gamers and prosumers. * Extended Heat-pipe Design: Enlarge the surface of heat dissipation, connecting from MOS heatsink to chipset heatsink * Extended Heatsink Design with Pre-installed I/O Shielding: All-metal extended heatsink cover ensures even high-end processors to run in full speed and provides convenience for installation * M.2 Shield FROZR: Strengthened built-in M.2 thermal solution. Keeps M.2 safer and faster * Creator Center: An optimized software with various system modes and resources for a wide range of scenarios and needs * Core Boost: With dual 8pin power supply and IR digital power design to support more cores and provide better performance * Audio Boost 4 with NAHIMIC: Reward your ears with studio grade sound quality * M.2 XPANDER-Z GEN4: An add-on card offers two extra Lightning Gen 4 M.2 slots and features FROZR heatsink design to increase your storage capacity at maximum Gen 4 speed

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